Should you change locks after buying house?

should-you-change-your-locks-after-you-buy-a-new-houseSecurity is a top priority in any home. You can have peace of mind when you buy a new home. It is important to change locks in your home.

You can obtain new keys after you move into your new home. However, it is important to change locks. It is risky to leave your home’s locks as they are.

Temple Locksmiths in Melbourne will explain why you need to change your keys when you move into a new house. This is an important security improvement, whether you rent or buy your home.

New homeowners and tenants should change their locks as soon as possible

You wonder what you will do when you get the keys to your new home. What number of duplicate keys do you have for your new home? It is likely that they will have at most one. This can cause problems.

They can gain access to your home anytime they wish if they have a copy your keys. It might seem unlikely but would you be willing to take the risk? It is a smart thing to have professional bundoora locksmiths do the job.

This is also true for renters. To prevent tenants from stealing your keys, you will need to change the locks on your new house. You should also change the locks of your new home to prevent any previous tenants from stealing your keys. Your landlord will have to talk with you about this, but they are interested in protecting the property.

Anyone with a copy can enter the house and do whatever they like. This type of negligence can lead to intrusion and burglary.

38% of Australians lose an item each year. This is often a key to their house. They would have been lost at least once by your landlords or former homeowners. This is a sign that someone may be able to gain access to your home.

You can ensure that no one will surprise you at night by changing your locks. Your home is your sanctuary, so make sure you are safe.

Insurance is another reason to change locks. You should expect problems when you claim anything if someone steals from your property. Negligence on your part can cost you money and your possessions.

There are many options for changing locks

You have two options when changing locks on doors: rekey them or replace them entirely. Depending on how secure your home is, each option has its own advantages.

The security level you have will be affected by the way that your garage, doors and windows are re-keyed or changed.

Rekeying your house means that a locksmith warrandyte will adjust and replace the tumblers. This prevents the old keys from being able to work by having the locks changed without the need to remove the knobs. Re-keying offers two important benefits: security and convenience.

You can use one key to open all doors. This is a great option if your property is being rented out. A re-key can also be a good option if you have a roommate who needs shared access.

A re-key also offers security. A simple rekey will make any old keys inoperable. This will remove access from anyone who has had access previously. It will suffice to disarm unwanted relatives, ex-housemates, and even tenants.

Hire a professional locksmith for your lock changes

It can be difficult to change your locks completely. A professional locksmith should do it. If rekeying is not an option, a full lock change may be the best choice. This method comes with its benefits.

It is important to remove any faults in the lock. A compromised lock could make it easy for burglars force open your home. You can rest assured that your locks will last by repairing the weakest link.

A second benefit of changing locks are the increased accessibility. You can personalize a new lock to suit your needs. The new lock can be fitted to meet your accessibility requirements or the needs of others in your home.

It’s also an aesthetic matter to change your locks. Your doors will look better if you change the handle style, colour or design.

Last tips for changing locks

You need to be aware of a few key details when changing locks in your home.

Some locksmiths may not be able to replace locks if your house is new 100%. A master key system will be included in many new homes, particularly those located in gated subdivisions. These keys are for letting subcontractors in. Talk to your developer.

Consider experience when deciding between hiring a professional locksmith or DIY. A professional locksmith is better than a novice. Professional locksmiths are fast and efficient, and they do it quickly without causing damage to your entryway.

It is also important to identify the details and number of locks that you would like the locksmith to service. Each visit to the locksmith will incur a service fee. It saves time and money by letting the locksmith know how many replacements are needed.

It is a good idea to make an appointment in advance. Scheduling ahead allows the locksmith to prepare new keys and locks for you. It saves time and money once the locksmith arrives at your house.

Also, you should consider your budget for the whole replacement. The locksmith will be able to give you multiple options if you know your budget.

It is crucial to change your locks before you move into a new house.

You must ensure that no one else has access to your home. It doesn’t matter if you want to ban ex-owners or burglars from entering your home, it is vital that you call a locksmith.